Friday, July 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow Show

I just got a link (from Dina, at The Line) to Rachel Maddow's commencement speech at Smith College in May. It impressed me so much, I thought I'd check out her news show. Wow! She is doing what I've wished for years the news would do - giving good background history to help viewers understand the issues.

My close friend Linda got a TV about a year ago, just so she could watch the Rachel Maddow show.  She joked about how cute Rachel was, and it didn't occur to me to dig deeper. So now I can tell Linda, I'm finally watching it too - online. (No TV in this house, but lately that doesn't seem to make a difference.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Same Sex Marriage: A Very Good Court Ruling

You may live in a state where you can marry your same sex partner, but that doesn't allow you to claim her (or him) as your spouse on your 1040. The federal government has not moved forward yet on this. So couples in Massachusetts have sued the federal government. They recently won in U.S. district court.

Here's the Slate article.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrating Breaking the Gender Rules

I used to identify as bi, and I said then that I was attracted to women with short hair and men with long hair, people with a sparkle in their eye. I've always liked people who bend gender.

Pilar did a post on “My Sins Against Gender-Stereotypes”, in response to a challenge from a blog friend of hers. I can't call it a sin, though, so I'm going to call it "Celebrating Breaking the Gender Rules".

Here's what I do that breaks the rules:
  1. Let my chin hairs grow! At 53, I've got quite a few. Each semester, I carefully cut them off with scissors before my first class, so I won't scare my students. Then I let them grow. Right now they're longer than they've ever been, due to my sabbatical year.
  2. Wear men's pants when they fit better (often), and men's fitted button downs (European fit) to fit my long arms.
  3. Neglect my clothes.
  4. Speak my mind.
  5. Love math.
  6. Hate shopping.
  7. Eat what I want.
  8. I don't cook much. (Which is why I love Three Stone Hearth for allowing me to eat healthy food.)
I'm sure there's more. I'm probably less aware of gender rules than most folks.  ;^)

Anyone care to join this party?

Learning Is Such a Natural Thing

I don't worry much about my son's learning. I trust that being around me and my incessant reading and thinking will be enough to help him move forward in most ways. I do regret that I'm not more musical - he'd blossom with a musical adult quietly mentoring his amazing musicality.

We're at my family's cottage and my brother left his iphone out for everyone to play with. My son has found two different hangman games. He's getting a great spelling lesson from his play, and I'm tickled.

Maria (who may be the only one reading this blog regularly) talked about believing in 'strong guidance'. I like her way of looking at these things, but I think I'm more laissez faire.