Sunday, August 16, 2009

Community Building in NC: TechShop

Durham, NC has a community business called TechShop, and they have a blog. Looks interesting. I'd like to play there. The closest things to this locally are Berkeley's tool lending library, and a place whose name I'm forgetting. (I've googled forge, and looked in the thesaurus. They have welding classes, and one theater person I know loves the place.)

I was also looking around to see if there were some sort of community blog or wiki for Richmond. (I just checked Berkeley, too, but my search terms bring in too much, none of it what I want.) I'd love a place online that collects good community-building ideas, geared toward local communities. Is there something like that already, and I'm missing it?



  1. For community sites, look at MeetUp

  2. I haven't found meetup helpful myself... I joined and gave some interests, and they started sending me email, much of it not interesting to me. The meetups were never at times that worked. I guess I don't want to focus on meetings, so much as a place for my neighborhood/town/area that shows the progressive stuff going on.