Friday, November 27, 2009

Map Quiz - What's it Mean?

Good Morning. Here's a quiz I got none right on. I was almost right on one, and sort of right on a few. You're given 20 maps, and asked to figure out what they're about. (On #'s 5, 9 and 21, guess the date.) The answer links go to the original showing of the map on the web and the answer you seek isn't always obvious. (On the map that referred to papal visits, I had to click around quite a bit.)

Here's a few more hints, so you can maybe get something right: My brother Dave's state, Minnesota, figures prominently in one question (joined with Washington DC, I believe). It's a political question. There's a different sort of political question I was happy to see included, since it's something that might matter personally someday. By the time it might matter to me, the map is likely to be out of date. Looking for countries that were once part of the British Empire is relevant on a few questions, but you'll still need to figure out what it means.

I had fun, and learned a bit. What do you think? (Please let me know if you get any right.)

(Found on Flowing Data.)


  1. 1) I finally responded to your comment over on my blog.

    2) Thanks for this map quiz. My favorite was the weather-related one.

    I did better than I expected--3 right, including the MN one (though I thought at first that you were referring to the other map that featured MN). Being about to pick out my reservation on a map of the US helped, which is a bigger clue than I mean for it to be.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I don't think anyone will be bothered by seeing your clue. ;^)

    Are you still at the reservation?