Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Diary

I haven't been writing here much, because I'm working hard on my book. Until last week, I was working TWTh afternoons at my son's school, and after the holidays, I'd started feeling like I won't have enough time to finish everything when I need to. (May would be good. I start back to teaching in August, and there's lots going on in the summer.) Last Tuesday was my last day teaching at his school. (They needed my tuition money, and I needed my time.)

So now I have my full days free to work on the book. The hardest thing will be to write my own parts of it. I haven't really done that this week, but I have:
  • Sent out a proposal to New Press
  • Sent out a proposal to AK Peters
  • Edited a chapter on gifted kids
  • Edit another chapter (I'd been procrastinating on this one, so, yeay for me)
  • Emailed various authors about various details
  • Sent a progress report to all 15 authors
  • Dealt with childcare so I can go to 3 different events related to my work
  • Read The Calculus of Friendship, by Steven Strogatz, which was excellent

So I've accomplished something substantial this week. But it was pretty uneven. I got the first 3 things almost done on Monday, and finished them up on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday night I had trouble sleeping (a common problem for me), so on Wednesday, I was a bit groggy. That's the day I read the book. I did nothing for my book that day. I bit my nails because I wanted to be getting something done, but I couldn't motivate myself.

Then we had an intense - and good - meeting at my son's school on Wednesday evening, and maybe that was the kick I needed. I got the second edit on the gifted chapter done yesterday, along with editing that other chapter. Today I won't get much done. I've been jumping up and down because I'm too excited about everything that's happening. (I'm avoiding telling a story I'd like to tell, so as not to jinx it. More details later.)

Tonight I get to go see Paul Giganti's Math Festival in Albany. Tomorrow I get to go to a Math Circle workshop for teachers. Sunday I get to hang out with my son. I am so lucky to be living my life.

So this is the way I work - big push on 3 days, nail-biting procrastination on one day, excited rambles on the 5th day. If I can get 3 good days of work each week, I think I can do this. Maybe I can find a way to get out of that useless feeling day. When I start writing more, I know I'll be biting my nails over that. Next Wednesday I have a dentist appointment - I figured Wednesday was the perfect day for it.

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