Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Up, Stand Up

Anyone reading this probably knows more than I do about the hideous Tea Party movement.  Tim Wise suggests imagining the races reversed, with Black protesters threatening a white president.

Doug Noon quotes him and adds this:
Hate groups are making a stand. Everyone else needs to stand, as well. We could start with a boycott of Fox News, and anyone who advertises there. A list would be useful.
I would be delighted to boycott anyone who advertises on Fox News. (I don't have a TV, and try to stay away from anything Fox already, but I'd love to expand that.) Their hate-mongering is so dangerous.

Anyone here want to join a boycott?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue

    Thanks for the affirmation. I don't have a TV, either, so I don't know where to begin getting a list together. But as I see it, not having the TV is a big deal, and if enough people did THAT, we might see some real changes.

    I've already have vowed to be the last person in my town to shop at Walmart, but I doubt that's hurting them much, from the look of their parking lot most Saturdays.

    That's sums up what I know about pressure politics. :)