Saturday, October 2, 2010

Link: Oil Destroys the Oceans

Good article at Mother Jones on the ecology of the oceans, and how it is all being ravaged by oil.

It is shameful that we haven't reinvented our way of life, to stop needing oil.


  1. Oil will run out and then we will reinvent our way of life. As I was doing research for articles on green math and recycling, I found interesting new technologies for making plastics out of organic matter (feathers in that case) directly. Here is an old article:

  2. You are most likely right, but that shows a shameful lack of empathy for the other creatures of this world. (Some of whom are just as 'intelligent' as us, perhaps.)

    If whalesong tells stories, they are probably singing stories of grieving these days. Or of emotions and opinions too alien for me to guess, but affected by our willful destruction of their home.