Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gates Foundation: What Can Big Money Do Right?

They interfere with the education system, and cause more trouble than good. But perhaps this initiative has a better chance of doing good in the world?

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  1. Funny shit :-) But isn't something like this described in Tora? I think it has a few pages on how to organize toilets anywhere. You have to dig in certain places (away from water sources) and in certain ways.

    Eastern Europeans have a pretty good know-how for the dachas. You dig a hole and you cover stuff once in a while with plants (from weeding the garden) and some soil. After a year or so, you move to digging the next hole, using the soil from it to cover the old one. After a couple of years, the fertilizer in the old hole is ready. So, you have a three-year rotation... But I guess the process can work differently depending on the climate, the rains, the soils and so on.