Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting the News (Offline)

I don't read the daily papers, or subscribe to any news magazines. I don't follow the news daily on the web. I do listen to the news when I'm in the car. I listen to KPFA, a very progressive station, and my favorite show is Democracy Now, produced and hosted by Amy Goodman.

I also like the Guns and Butter show, which has pretty much convinced me that a number of conspiracy theories are most likely well-grounded.

I have one more favorite on KPFA, but I have to tell a story before I disclose it. When I got back to California in 2001, and was driving around a lot doing errands, I kept hearing an astrology show. I thought that didn't make sense for KPFA, and would impatiently switch over to a tape. One day, while waiting at DMV, I must not have had a tape in the car. Or some bit of the show just grabbed my ear. Caroline Casey has an amazing breadth of knowledge, and a lovely perspective on current events. And, although I still question why anyone intelligent would be drawn to astrology, I see her deep intelligence, and learn something new, just about every time I listen to this show. On KPFA's website, they say that "The Visionary Activist show is the wedding of spiritual magic and compassionate social activism." I like it.

I also subscribe to two magazines: Rethinking Schools and Yes! magazine.

Any recommendations for me, based on my predilections? (I've tried The Sun, In These Times, and the Nation, and didn't really care for any of them.)

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