Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I try to live simply, but I've gotten in a lot of bad habits over the past 6 years or so of living as a single parent. I drive too much, I've gone back to using the dryer instead of the clothes line, and I've been using ziploc bags daily for lunchbox sandwiches and snacks.

I will be on sabbatical from my community college teaching position for the next year, and I'd like to work on habits that are better for the planet.

1. I want to ride my bike as much as possible for transportation. Every time I ride my bike, I enjoy it, and I often see things I wouldn't have noticed if I'd been driving.

I rode my son to school today, and on the way home saw an older Asian couple picking up plums near the sidewalk, from a tree that had hundreds lying on the ground around it. I like seeing folks gleaning. (There's a great movie about that.)

2. I want to get a clothesline up and start using it again.

3. I have started using waxed paper bags instead of ziplocs. Yeay.

4. The books that say 50 simple ways to save the earth are lying. It won't be simple. I want to try to get involved in one way with making change on a bigger scale.

I've written a booklet about living simply. If anyone wants a copy, let me know.

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