Friday, December 4, 2009

Our local coffee shop

Catahoula is a local coffee shop 4 blocks from my house. I'd gone there a number of times, but wasn't a regular until I lost my internet connection at home for a few weeks. During the month of November they got to know me well. "A latte, please. More milk, less coffee."

A few days ago Rigo, who works there, said hi as he walked by on his way home. I said, "I bet you knew my internet was better." But I realized I missed the camaraderie, so I headed over there this morning without my computer, got my latte, and read the paper. (I found out Barbara Lee and Barbara Boxer are opposing Obama's "surge". I'm proud of them. I hope they can make a difference.)

I had left some business cards in the display they have for us locals, and noticed they were gone (cool!), so I left a few more.

This is such a cool business. I wish for more like it in our struggling neighborhood.

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