Saturday, December 12, 2009

School Sucks Sometimes

Mark Chu-Carroll was severely bullied in high school and now they want to to friend him on Facebook, and want him to come to the high reunion. Over 400 comments - he's hit a nerve.

It speaks to me, even though I wasn't physically abused, and can't remember any emotional abuse at school after all these years. (I got more of that from my cousins, who I do see, who think I'm 'too sensitive' for having any problem with their behavior. Yeah, they 'friend' me on Facebook, too. Maybe that's why I've never taken much to Facebook; it's a pretty superficial environment.)

His solution for his kids is to make sure they know martial arts. My solution is to keep my son away from environments like that. His school is tiny, and cares about how the kids feel.

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