Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Like Laura's Style of Parenting

Laura Grace Weldon writes about Guerrilla Encouragement Efforts.

I wonder if I can get my son interested in some of these sweet games.


  1. I have to become a confessed idiot, so here goes: I thought she talked about encouraging kids to become guerrilla fighters. That probably reflects on the literature I was reading as a kid, or on the last movie I watched (Unspeakable).

    What a great blog post - thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Well, that's what guerrilla usually means, so you shouldn't feel like an idiot. But she's meaning that it's an underground sort of thing (like guerrillas).

  3. Thanks Sue!

    I have to admit that my style of parenting doesn't include much math (although I've never admitted my public-school-induced math phobia to my kids). Happy to say my kids have gained all sorts of math proficiency despite me, one of them a 4.0 student of engineering at a good college despite my math-impaired style of parenting.