Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Seems I'm posting here once a month these days. I've been listening to the news on Egypt, but saw no blog posts I needed to keep track of. Wisconsin may not be as big a deal in the world, but this post ... I want to read it again later.

Overall, I much prefer finding non-violent ways to communicate, but I was tickled that the governor was told by a whole restaurant how wrong he is:
However much he likes to talk about the silent majority who supports him, I have seen almost no evidence that anyone likes or supports Walker, let alone a majority. He literally cannot be seated in a restaurant in Madison. Walker went to one of Madison’s premier fine-dining restaurants, and the owners refused to serve him.
The owner (or manager) asked him to leave because other customers were booing him. What if, instead, each customer came up to him and said, "Let me tell you what collective bargaining has done for someone I know." And include not only the (legitimate) economic benefits, but the way that unions have helped teachers to do their jobs better, or helped other workers to fight for safe working conditions.

But perhaps booing is right, when he's so dishonest, claiming that there's a budget crisis when he created it by giving tax breaks to the rich.

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